November 24, 2002

A good party, amongst other things

As I write this Jon, Simon, Jay and Steve have just gone to the Odeon to watch 'Die Another Day'. I would love to go and watch it but if I don't do some of my Art project soon I'm in real trouble - it's due in on December 9th!'s been a real pain today, wouldn't let us connect to the internet - I had to use Tiscali but that's gone on the phone bill - that's not what I pay £12.99 a month for!

Becky's party was fun. She had over 25 people turn up for the meal, she's a popular lassy. By the time Jon, Simon, Jay, Phil and myself turned up most of the group had been seated on a big L shaped table arrangement and we had to be seated on a table away from the rest, behind a wall! Thankfully we were soon moved by the Bellapasta staff, onto a table closer to the rest of the party. I had Tropicale pizza - Ham and Pinapple to you and me! Highlights of the night:-

  • The imaginary photograph boys (don't ask)

  • Simon being embarrased by 2 girls who pretended to have lost a ring under the table, so he crawled under and looked for it, nearly tripping a waitress up in the process. This made Steve and me hide our heads in embarrasment.

  • Planning the movie "The Bible 2" and deciding that, for equal rights reasons, we'd have to have a disabled Danny Glover play Jesus!

  • Going to El Piano for the first time and making up a song there. Ask me to sing "There's Beer on the Enterprise" to you one time.

  • Along with Jon, Simon, Jay and Phil, escorting Becky home (a different Becky to the birthday one) and embarassing her in front of her housemates!

Haven't done much this Sunday, except watch last night's episode of Charmed and some History and Geography presentation work. Am off to try and get some Art work done now (like that's gonna happen!)