November 18, 2002

Post 001 - we have lift off!

Whaey! How cool is this? A public diary that anyone can read, if they've got nothing better to do that is! Where to start eh? That's the question!

Well, I'm currently meant to be doing my English Lit essay for Friday, it's 2,500 words long and I've got 500 done, time to panic a little I think. Why? Because my Dad wants to come through and see me tomorrow and if I haven't got this essay done then he can't, I won't have time. Still, I'll see what the evening provides.

On another note, my Grandma is still ill in hospital and she's getting by, not getting better but getting by. This is diverting my attention rom my work, worrying about her and all,but there's nothing I can do about it, life sucks a little sometimes.