January 05, 2003

Downs and ups

Whoops - I haven't updated in a while, never mind though I can summarise my life in a few bullet points, if you'll allow me:

  • My Grandma died on December 3rd. She'd been ill for a while in hospital so it wasn't unexpected, it is still horrible though. That left me in a bit of a state as far a my Uni work was concerned; it still had to be done and I was most definately not in the mood to do it. It got done in the end though, although I was doing my English essay the day before it had to be in, not good at all in the state of mind I was in at the time

  • Grandma's funeral. Not fun (but when are they?) However, looking back on it, it extended my realtions with parts of Grandma's family that otherwise we would not have seen for ages.

  • Christmas and New Years. Spent Christmas with my family over at Grandma's side of the country. We usually spend it in Cranswick but obviously this year was different. New Years I spent going round the pubs in Driffield, good fun but Driff feels different these days, I'm just getting older I guess.

  • Read Jasper Fforde's two books - The Eyre Affair and Lost In A Good Book. Both absolutely superb thriller/fantasy novels featuring Literary Detective Thursday Next and her pet Dodo. Check them out at Amazon.co.uk

  • Also treated myself to a Geforce 3 graphics card - it rocks and is miles ahead of my old Voodoo 3!

  • Well I've run out of steam now, update later - CDG