April 22, 2003

Why does life suck? No-one knows

I really don't update as much as I should. Boy have I had a shitty year. As you can read below, my Grandmas died on December 3rd with her funeral on December 10th. That sucked but then funerals do. I should know as a good friend was killed in a car accident on January 13th with a funeral on January 20th. That was the most surreal expereince of my life. I was just completely numb and still don't think I've recovered. Seeing a 20 year-old's coffin with your friends breaking down all around you, that will stay with you. I've done some Uni crap in-between funerals and I had another one on April 4th, my Uncle Manuel who died from Angina. I'm just writing this to get it out of my head, I'm tired of irritating my housemates with my woes and the fact that I see life as gray rather than all the wonderful colours they see it in.

Somehow I passed my 3rd year teaching practice, even though my head was no where near college and work most of the time. Honestly I feel like I'm just sleepwalking my way through life at the moment. I didn't get all the work done that I should have on teaching practice but it doesn't matter. I just don't rank Uni as highly these days. Still, I got Alias season 1 turning up from a friend soon (I missed some eps so he's going to lend me his tapes) and although I've got an intensieve month and a half of college coming up I'll sleep-walk through that as well. I really should care since the grades this year go towards my degree but I can't muster up the emotion.

If anyone reads this and wants to e-mail me to let me know life's not all bad please do.

Out... CDG

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