August 17, 2003

Alcohol is bad

Hey all, how is everyone today? I'm feeling ok thank you very much but that's only because I spent all of yesterday recovering. My brother and my cousins decided to take me out to celebrate my 21st birthday. This involved a recipe of:

  • 1 public house

  • 6 adult males

  • 1 corner table

  • copious amounts of alcohol

  • This is a good recipe for fun and we ended up at the Chicago Rock Cafe Bar (I think that's in Huddersfield). Back home at 3 and watching some Eddie Izard on the vid. Bed at 3:30 fully dressed (I couldn't be bothered to get changed!)...

    Wake up on Saturday and boy am I feeling rough. Hughie, Ruth and Jack were all visited down the toilet as my efforts to keep myself hydrated were refused by my poor injured body. Sleep was the only cure however, one of my cousins 2 sons (Dominic at 5 and 1/2) didn't understand the term hangover so kept waking my to play Pingu on the Imac. Isn't family wonderful? ;-) Still I'm ok now, just figuring what to do with the rest of Sunday.



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