August 25, 2003


How is it I can be motivated to watch Law & Order, go out with my mates, read my novel etc. but can't motivate myself to pass my degree? Is it because York St. John has buggered us about so much that enthusiasm has gone? Or has my life up to now at college had too much bad luck that I'm afraid what this next year might bring? Who knows?

My friends came to York last night. It's always great to see them (one was quite tanned) but I still got thinking and reflecting. Why, whenever I'm out (it happened last Friday in Huddersfield) I reflect on all the sucky things and try and balance it out with the good stuff in my head? Still, I snapped out of it quicker last night. It's caring too much I think (boy aren't I modest).

Must go, Law & Order beckons.


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