May 28, 2004

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Handed in my last 2 EVER University assignments today. I've got loads of books out of the library for revision for my English Literature Exam on Wednesday. I've also got my black file out of the School Office Storeroom so I can update it in time for a meeting with one of my tutors on Tuesday at 11.

However, all of that is inconsequential as I'm going to watch the last two eps of CSI season 4 now (and then there's a barbecue this evening, yes another one, at a friends house to celebrate a friends birthday).

My To Do List before next Friday:

  • English Literature Revision for Wednesday

  • Revise GCSE Maths for TTA Exam on Thursday at 10:30

  • Update Black File before meeting on Tuesday

  • Tiday Room

  • Buy house-mate Simon a birthday card and DVD present


  • E-mail people - keep in touch, I'm lazy sometimes

  • That's it for the moment - now 90 minutes of CSI fun! :D

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