May 20, 2004


Just organising my TV ep collection (am a bit behind) and have realised I'm missing Joan Of Arcadia eps 18&19. That annoys me. I'll try to download them again but they are old eps so I bet it won't work! :(

Illman: What eps have I sent you? I've lost track! Do you have JOA 18 & 19? If so I may have sent it to you and not made a copy myself! Doh! :D I'll e-mail you.

ETA: I haven't lost it, it was just in my computer upstairs! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a more confusing note, Update on Liz (she doesn't actually talk to me anymore). I'm not upset about the event itself, I'm annoyed about the crap (and I will use that word) that she's put everyone through to get to this point. She's put myself through loads of crap (making me feel guilty that I didn't trust that she could get over him, I WAS RIGHT). I'm actually thinking this was her plan all along and I was a pawn in her scheme, so she could say to him "Chris is looking after me" and try to get him jealous. She hasn't step foot in this house in over 2 weeks, that's because she uses the internet at Uni now so I'm not needed. Weird girl. She also put my mate Stez through stuff (he's back to being "my mate" as the lying thing was David and Grace's idea, not his) coming on to him then going cold, after he'd made 2x20 mile trips to visit her. Why does she think she can just use people so? What's going through her head???!??!?!?!? I AM curious as to HOW her and Simon got together (after her Dad, apparently, told her NOT to see him anymore) but not so curious that I'm going to actually speak to her about it. She's got what she wants now (though what she NEEDS is someone to wake her up and tell her to stop being selfish) so that's that.

I can't believe I've lost 2 JOA episodes. How dumb am I?