May 04, 2004

Feeling quite at peace

Cool stuff. Feeling good! :D Tired (due to being up at 6am every day for the past week) but otherwise good. Have got some information that I needed from the 1988 Education Reform Act, am skimming through the 1996 act now and everything seems to be going well. Barring a little more reading that I need to do tomorrow morning I should be able to write the essay tomorrow afternoon.

Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to help my Auntie move house though. That really does annoy me. Ack never mind. And oh, the thing I was getting all 'meh' about below? Doesn't bother me anymore. She (and he) can do what they like with who they like, it's not my 'problem' or 'issue' or anything like that. Though I will be jealous if anything does happen between L. and Stez I a) don't think it will and b) just accept it and move on.

Isn't that a more positive outlook on life? Didn't get to do my 3 miles on my bike this morning because of the rain, will have to go tomorrow.

What a boring post! :D

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