May 31, 2004

Gossip! :P

Tee hee - Rosie was in a bad mood this evening, lots of things not going right, poor girl, and the wedding only just over a month away. :(

Anyways, she was more open to bitching! :) Okay so Liz and Simon are finally together officially, something Liz has wanted for ages. HOWEVER, Liz is still inviting Stez to things. Tonight, Grace and Dave stayed in to do some revision (and naughts stuff I imagine :P) and, instead of calling the night off, Liz tells Stez that they'll go to the cinema, and she'll invite Claire along. Poor Stez was REALLY nervous apparently. Anyway, the reason for this post is Liz spent over 30 minutes getting ready for this trip to the cinema. Bearing in mind that:

A) She's now with Simon

B) Stez knows this

C) She's trying (or rather, David, Grace and Liz are trying) to set Stez up with Claire

Liz still pretties herself for this guy (who she's admitted she does fancy, read the e-mail she sent me). We've surmised that Liz is a pricktease (definition here). I think I'll text Stez tomorrow just to warn him, if he hasn't figured it out already.