May 26, 2004

I respond to your comments

Don't have to be at Uni until 9:30 so it's cool. Gonna reply to some comments:-

Me: Thanks for looking out for me (don't ever stop doing that!). I'm not 100% letting her off the hook but it just makes life a lot easier if I let her get on with things in her own (bizarre) way. From my point of view she isn't emotionally sound, the Simon thing is a scary obsession and she STILL invites Stez round. I was drunk the other night because I'd been to a barbecue at theirs. Now by this point Liz and Simon have been official for about a week or so. But for some reason Liz still texted Stez and asked him to come round (40 mile round trip). Then she spent most of the night ignoring him. She just wants the attention. She gets it from Simon but just over phone and e-mail and the like and for her that's not good enough. Poor Stez. We entertained him for a while, then we went to the pub (leaving Liz, Kate and Jane watching a film). When Kate and Jane went home Liz came to the pub, proceeded to get tipsy and start talking about Simon, Stez must've felt a right idiot. Still, there's no point talking to her because, as I've learnt with the Simon debacle, she doesn't listen. Whatever is said is twisted so it's "Your only saying that 'cause you've had a bad day." Or something like that.

MarkLewins: Thanks for your response mate. Ignore the stupid immature idiots whose only response to problems in life is "Why don't you get drunk or laid or something??" We can see how their lives work can't we? Those kind of people really get on my nerves, no respect for what others are going through at all. You are a SURVIVOR and with your blog at your side (if you want to use it) life can be digested in daily chuncks for you to mull over. It works for me, I'm completely sane (yes b8bygurl22, I know what you're thinking! LOL :P )

Illman: Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear life is slowly getting better. I'll send you an e-mail if I get time today (and it's on my blog so I should remember!) Just keep going and try to do what YOU think is right. Parents are good and all but they don't know everything! :P

Babydragon: What do you fancy doing at college? I'm just nosey is all but it seems like you're on track to do computer courses and the like, that sounds pretty cool. Good luck with everything anyways!

Some good news:

"Dear Gledster2000,

We are pleased to inform you that your order for has been dispatched by our team in Leeds.

Thank you very much for ordering from us here at, you should receive your package in 1st Class Padded Envelope.

This dispatch contains the following:

CSI 2 - Dark Motives With FREE CSI Pen & Divine Divinity."

I know, I've got to save money for a suit for the Summer Ball but still, CSI on the PC! :D :D :D :D :D :D