May 16, 2004

It's me again, insignificant me again, just me again, of the broken heart - Personal Post

The title is from a song by a band called Space but I can't remember what the song is called. Well, that was an interesting weekend. Was at my Auntie's new place on Friday night. We had some wine, she shared stories about my family that I didn't know before and we watched the first two episodes of Sharpe. That was good.

Spent over 3 hours yesterday organising my Auntie's shed and helping put new fences in. Then my cousin turned up, there was a trip to Homebase to replace a faulty loft-ladder then an evening out with my brother and his new girlfriend Emma who I didn't take a liking to at first (she's got a very foul mouth) but she's alright after all really.

Today got up, recovered from hangover (Stelle Artois is bad for you) then it was a trip to Granddad's before catching the train home. I've had fun, I've cleared some more crap from my head and I feel better (albeit REALLY tired). Rosie's not coming back until Thursday though :(, oh and I ate a 500 ml tub of ice-cream because my brother was defrosting the freezer and it "needed eating". :P

I e-mailed my dissertation tutor yesterday morning about my grade and haven't heard anything back yet, darn. Also, the Sword of Shannara is a very good book. :)

Gak - still need to unpack and do laundry. Am off after I've made my next blog post.

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