May 18, 2004

Thoughtful stuff (and funny too)

Thanks to Dave's Picks for pointing out a little gem that explains life. Thanks to for the piece too.

I'll reply to some comments whilst I'm here - Beverina: Thanks for your post and the compliments, they didn't half brighten my day. As your comment log should show I still visit at 20six, I haven't forgotten it!

Dan: Whilst your comment wasn't about exactly the same thing it WAS similar, it's funny how sometimes we just don't actually SEE what's around us until, for some reason, we are made to take notice.

Oh and I just wanted to add that I was so pleased when I found out my disseration result that I went to Gillygate Fisheries and got two jumbo battered sausages, chips (with salt and vinegar) and mushy peas. Yum! :D

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