May 16, 2004

Web things I spotted

In an effort to become more opinionated I'd like to share the following things that I found on the 'net:

1) The government has made a big thing about it's new Primary Strategy. It promises exciting, revolutionary changes in the Primary School sector (if the government can pull it off). Changes which should benefit anyone involved with primary schools. That was launched just under a year ago. Today I found a page on TeacherNet called One Year On The New Strategy In Action. This follows one school in its efforts to implement the primary strategy. The page is very uplifting and opitmistic, describing how the school has changed its curriculum and that it is now a much better school than it was before the implementation of the strategy. Just take the page with a pinch of salt.

2) ID Cards in this country are not going to work. Just read The Register's Report for more details. It's a confusing mess I tell ya!

3) Have some fun. Play the cool Kill Bill Flash Game. Just click the 'hrat' button to start and use the four cursor keys to kill the Crazy 88. Good stuff. :)

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