May 04, 2004


Why did I not discover the wonders of cheese on toast until just now? I can remember having some years and years ago and not liking it very much, tasted weird to me. However, for whatever reason I woke up with this desire to have cheese on toast. So I did. 2 slices and then 2 more. Yum! I'd've had more but we're out of cheese. :(

Watching JOA then I'm going to write my 100 words then I'll start my Uni work for the day. Also got to ask my housemates for money. I put notices up but they don't seem to take 'notice' of them (no pun intended) so I'm back to having ask for money which I hate 'cause I know they haven't got it but then why should I be out of pocket? It's not fair.

Right, JOA.

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