June 14, 2004

At least blogging is more fun that football!

Well, that was a lousy weekend. Liz went home today (though she's coming back at the weekend to pick up some more stuff). I was invited round so she could say goodbye. During this time two things were revealed:-

1) They invited Stez around last night.

2) Grace was itching to reveal just what she thought about Rosie. She started and I said "Stop or I'm going to go home." So it was kind of tense.

I'm upset over 1) as, despite them knowing what a good friend Rosie was to me, none of my friends got in contact to see if I was ok, managing alright. I hardly spoke to anyone on Saturday, I just couldn't face anyone. I managed 20 minutes out of the house to rent some DVDs but when I got home I started crying again (lots of things sneaking up on me at once). So my friends didn't actually know I was upset. But I'm hoping that, being the good friends they believe themselves to be, they'd take a logical step to guess that I'm upset. I can ALMOST understand the lack of contact on Saturday - they were busy with their boyfriends. But I did get in touch on Sunday. I sent Grace a text saying:

"Just texting to see if you guys are ok. Hope everything's alright. CDG"

Grace responded (an hour later) saying:

"We're ok hun. Liz upset after saying goodbye to Simon this morning. I'm at Claire's having a cuppa. xxx"

That was it. No "How are you?" or anything like that. Then I get round there today to find out they invited Stez round. So they were looking for company and instead of checking me to see if I was ok they invited my friend who leaves 30 minutes drive away. Still, it's the last snub that's going to happen as Liz has gone home now. It'll be interesting to see if Grace bothers with me now that she's by herself, I bet she does.

Ah well. I've had my hair cut and a shave and tomorrow I'm going to grab myself a job hopefully. I'm scared and I'd much prefer to stay home and watch TV but I need money and I'll go spare otherwise.

Babydragon and Mark Lewins: Thanks for your comments. Rosie has moved a big distance away, it's over 4 hours and £40 (or more) on the train and I don't drive (yet). Still, I'm seeing her in a month or so. It's just hard not having her around the corner, especially with so many changes happening. I don't have a rock to rely on any more. I did send her a letter today but it wasn't that one, it was handwritten and slightly different.

Right'o, orf now.