June 27, 2004

Things I've spotted so far today

Oh I love lazy Sundays....

1) Walk the drunk guy home. It's a flash game that you control simply by moving the mouse left and right, when the guy leans left you move the mouse right and vice versa. It's easy to control but dead hard to do! 65 meters is my best score - can you beat that?

2) Oh dear, Britney may be pregnent. However, according to the story, their source is The News Of The World which isn't the most reliable of newspapers. I don't know why I care really, it's just interesting to follow Britney's life.

3) Mobile Phones 'Cut Sperm Count By 30%'. Just a tip guys - keep your mobile in your coat or shirt pocket and NOT on your belt strap or in your trouser pocket. Better safe than sorry.

4) Lost mail campaign gets lost in post. Quote:

"LONDON (Reuters) - A postal campaign to highlight the quantity of letters that go missing each year has been given a stamp of authority after none of the letters arrived at their intended destination.

The Sunday Telegraph said letters sent by Postwatch, the postal services monitoring group, to 49 members of parliament urging them to report misdelivered or missing mail disappeared without trace...."

Isn't that slightly worrying? Who knows what things people may have sent to me that I haven't recieved. If you're in England, bear that in mind next time you're telling someone off for not getting you a birthday card or whatever! :-P (Or use it as an excuse if you DID forget to get one!)

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