June 02, 2004

Yay and Grrr

Yay at finishing my English Literature exam today and writing about everything I wanted to write about.

Yay for spending time in the Student's Union drinking 2 of my own pints and half of my mate's pint too.

Yay for CSI Season 2 DVDs and how amazingly attractive and watchable Jorja Fox is.

Yay for Hamlet on Audio CD from York St John's library.

Grr at still finding Liz attractive. The logical part of my brain says "She's selfish and mean" and the other part of brain says "Yeah but she's gorgeous too..." The crush has gone, I no longer need or desire her attention but I still find it difficult to look at other people when she's arround. The human body and the human brain is annoying.

Grrr at the fact that there are people out there who have put less effort into their work over this past year than I have but they will still come out with better grades. That's not fair *pouts and sulks*.

Grr at the fact that b8bygurl22 is so busy. I miss her, she can always bring me down to Earth.

Grrr at the fact that I've got to tidy the house before 6:30 so some students can come round and decide to rent it from July.

So there you go, Yay and Grrr.