July 23, 2004

Sorry for lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates all. It would help if something were actually happening in my life right now, which it really isn't. I don't seem to have any friends left in York so life is a bit dull. By friends what I mean is 'people who want to spend time with me' as opposed to the situation at the moment where I have 'people who spend time with me whilst their boyfriend/girlfriend is getting ready'. So yeah, it's dull. It doesn't help that last weekend I was at Rosie's wedding with friends and it was breathtaking! It was really great to see my closest friend get married. No I didn't cry but I came close! I've got some photographs, when I get the Hello Bloggerbot working again I'll put them up here.

The good news is I passed my degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a 2:1 or upper second.

That's not that good but it's not bad either, I'm pleased. Also, I've treated myself to the 3rd series of the West Wing on DVD and am ploughing through it. It seems to be an ok series but there havn't been any stand-out moments for me at the moment (although the girl who plays Amy Gardner is gorgeous!)

Also on the good news front, it looks like Jorja could be allowed back into CSI. I hope that's true. The show's still changed a little for me though, I'm not too impressed with the CBS execs. In one articls I read George said he overslept and that's what they fired him for. Over-reacting much?

Anyways, I need to shave and stuff before I go to work so I'd best go home. I'm hopefully getting broadband soon so expect more updates then! And I will get round to commenting on people's blogs, I promise. Just not today it seems.

Take care all