July 04, 2004


Well the move went fairly well - I spent the first hour lifting stuff into the van by myself because Jon was at the new house - once he turned up everything got moving along smoothly. The removal guy was a really nice bloke called Derek who gave us a £20 discount (by our calculations). Everything went in the removal van in one go and got unpacked in half the time it took us to pack! Most of my stuff is still in boxes as the new house SUCKS at storage - I need to go to Homebase and get some book cases (we're not allowed to put up bookshelves). I also desperately need a job - my bank account is looking less healthy than a dwarf with scurvy, chicken pox and 3rd degree burns over 90% of his/her body.

On the annoyance front - I decided to change my e-mail address at YTDAW only to not recieve a validation e-mail. I changed the address back to my old address and STILL have not recieved a validation e-mail. So now all my posting facilities at YTDAW have been curtailed. I'd e-mail the board admin but the stupid Uni computers aren't set-up properly and I can't actually find any admin's e-mail addresses. Can anyone help? Illman, Bonnie? Anyone? Give me an e-mail address I can use (I can't PM anyone on the boards without a 'valid' account) to get this sorted and make me a happy bunny, please??!???!?! Drop me a comment or e-mail me, I don't mind!

In other news - I'm deliberately not pluggin my TV in to force myself to read more books. Don't know how long this will last - probably until something good starts on TV. In the meantime I'm re-watching CSI series 4 and re-reading The Woman Who Walked Into Doors by Roddy Doyle.

We're GOING to get internet access set-up at the new house - if only because I prefer using Opera on my own machine rather than a limited set of tools at college which is 20 minutes walk away.

Hope everyone who reads this is ok! If you want to drop me a comment to say "Hi" and give me something to read upon my return to college (probably tomorrow) then it would be appreciated!

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