August 07, 2004

I should be asleep

But I've still got my supper of chicken and chips sitting in my stomach. :P Ah well!

I've been at Menzies for a month now. That means I'm entitled to two days holiday but I've got to take it before 1st October. It might be a bit late to book some now but I'll try anyways on Monday! :D I want to get September 23rd off because Kieran Halpin is playing his usual brand of excellent, emotial music in York again and I REALLY want to go see it.

Spoke to Rosie and Matt today. Haven't spoken to them since the wedding (although they were on honeymoon for a week after that). It was good to speak to them, though everything is up in the air down their end - they're looking for a new car, they are hopefully moving house soon and Rosie is still in the middle of moving everything into her and Matt's house and settling out the details of being married (changing names on Bank Accounts and bills and stuff). It's almost enough to make me glad I'm single! :D

Got to ask that girl out on Monday. I really must.

Meh. Got a family gathering this weekend. Got to get the 12:49 train to West Yorkshire today (Saturday) and I don't get back until Monday. So much for a relaxing weekend. I really want to get my room tided but I don't think I'm going to get the chance. It's my cousin Lee's 18th Birthday though so I really should go, and not try and weseal out of it.

Oh, I watched the first ep of Season 2 of Dead Like Me - The show gets even better (and even more twisted if that's possible!) I love it and can't wait for a R2 DVD release of the first season.

Oh, and I've crossposted this to both my online diaries because it's late and I can't be bothered to do two seperate entries! :P So if you've read it on one then you've read it on both accounts. Just so you know.