August 10, 2004

Just a reply to comments and a brief update

Thanks for the comments all, they do brighten my day (especially when it's a day that's as manky and wet as it is today). I'll answer them one by one:-

Sofia: No, no progress yet. I don't know why I haven't gone round there again, I just haven't. Partly laziness I suppose, partly not having enough time (it's a good 35 minutes there so it's an hour there and back in total). I honestly was going to go today but decieded not to because of the rain and also because of another idea I've got in my head.

DruidX: Congrats on the engagement and I am alive, just not on the 'net as often as I used to be.

Anyways, this weekend was good. Well, Saturday was dull but then life at my Grandad's is quiet. Spent Saturday night with Grandad and Mum competing over the questions on the National Lottery Quiz Show. We put money in (50p each) and whoever answered the most questions right won the lot, and I won by 1/2 a point. Go me!

Anyways, Sunday was my cousin Lee's 18th birthday. We had a family meal (there were 14 of us in all) in a posh hotel. It was good grub (and they pulled a good pint of Carling too). The high point was meeting (for the second time) my cousin Lee's cousin Victoria. She's 21, gorgeous and studies History at Uni in Scotland. She likes CSI and books and stuff and we've got one quite well both times we've met. I really want to call her but there are problems:-

a) Don't have her number - would have to get it through Lee/my Uncle/My aunty - all of whomo would ask why I wanted it.

b) No idea what to say if and when I ring her! We could arrange a drink on weekend but seeing as I have no car I can't really see her.

It's been buzzing round my head since Sunday night and I'll ponder over it at work tonight. If anyone has any ideas it'd be good to hear them! :D

Crossposted again because I'm in a lazy mood.