August 01, 2004


Pinched from Sheepmobile on LJ:

Do people think you're happy? Probably not
Are you happy? I'm generally content most of the time
What band would you stand in line for 24 hours to see? Bon Jovi
Who do you love most in the whole world? Hmmm....My Dad?
Do you dance and sing at the top of your lungs when no one's around? Yup - especially to powerful songs (Texas's Greatest Hits album being one of my favourites of the moment)
Do you like rainy days? Yup, an actual excuse to read books and watch DVDs
Name the stupidest person you know: Jon when he's being naieve
What's your normal state of mind? Generally 'meh'
Name the three biggest things that make up you: Opinions, friendlyness, DVDs
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Which do you take? I'd 'enie, menie, minie, mo' it.
Are you stubborn? I can be if I think I'm right.
If you could relive one year of your life, which would it be? I'm generally not sure.
Are your friends your shield or do you need a shield against your friends? At the moment it would be nice just to have friends around
Do you often let people down? I don't think so, no.
What makes your heart beat faster? Attractive brunette females
Have you ever felt invisible to those around you? If so, when? Most of the time when in a large group, and to second Sheepmobile's point - in school I was pretty much a ghost.
What was/is going to be your first waltz at your wedding? "Beautiful Tonight" Eric Clapton
When it's not summer, what do you miss most about it? Ladies wearing 'summer clothing' :P
Do you consider yourself patriotic? Not especially.
How much do you care about your family? I care a lot I just wished they'd all stop bloody arguing.
What is the one thing that you need to do to die happy? Fall in love
Do you go with the flow or do your own thing? Depends on the situation - sometimes going with the flow is just easier.
What is life's greatest mystery? How can all this suffering happen and there be a God?
What was your favourite make-believe game as a kid? I think it was 'Chaos' on the ZX Spectrum
Do you try your best at everything? Yes, there's no point otherwise.
Who is your shoulder to cry on? Rosie/My Brother
What's your standard excuse for not doing something? Tiredness.
What is one moment you wish you could have taken a picture of? At the moment I'd say the reception at Rosie's wedding - with Rosie's friends from home and York all round the same table with Rosie.
What place holds the most memories for you? Hutton Cranswick
What are you waiting for? Bedtime
Do you wear makeup? No.
Who was your first date? Kelly Goodall in Y7
What's the best trip you've ever been on? Cruise round the Mediterranian with Dad, Margaret and Margaret's Grandson James
What do you think the earth will look like in 1000 years? Like Issac Asimov's vision in 'Caves of Steel' - all built up, very few people going out into the 'open air', living in air-conditioned cities.
What kind of car do you own? None
What song is your 'anthem'? Hmmmm.........Firesign by Dave Berkeley
What's your favourite video game? Civilisation 2 - I've lost days of my life to that game.
What secret have you tried to hide but it got out anyway? Whoever I've got a crush on.
Who's your celebrity crush? Jennifer Garner and Jorja Fox - YUM! :D
What do you do on rainy afternoons? Read/watch DVDs
If you were to die right now, what would you want your last words to be? "Life's a bitch"
How many people have you turned down when they asked you out? 0 - never been asked out.
What is your reason for living? Because I exist already, the correct question is "What is your reason for not dying?" and I don't have one.
How many ex's do you have? 3
Have you ever taken back a gift you've given someone? No
What are you the best at? Surfing the 'net
What's the biggest lie you've ever told and got away with? Hmm
Have you ever had food poisoning? Yup, useually self-induced from Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney pies.
Do you believe in life in outer space? Yes.
What is the one thing that would make everything in your life fall apart? Losing a loved one again.
If you were famous, would you have a stage name? Nah, there aren't any famous Gledhill's about! :D
Do you get into fights often? Nah
Are you patient? Too a fault at times.
If you could run away to somewhere, where would you run to? To a friend's in Salem, USA
Are you a good dancer? I'd like to believe I was but I think I'm deluding myself
Do you like snakes? If they are in a cage
Would you let someone go if you knew it was best for them? Yes, but it would be hard.
Who was your first best friend? Roger
Are you still friends? No, lost touch.
Do you notice someone staring at you from across the room? No
Do you smile at strangers? Sometimes, just to see if they smile back. Some do.
How many bowls of cereal do you eat in the morning? 1.
Do you give your dog a bone? Nah, don't have a dog.
Do you give your cat any cat nip? See above but replace dog with cat.
Do you own a hedgehog? No, but I'd be interested to meet someone who does
How often do you clean your room? When I have trouble finding stuff.
Have you ever been to China? Nah
Ever played the drums on a steering wheel? Yep
How many pillows do you have on your bed? 2
How many shoes are in your closet? 5 pairs
How many "lost" socks are under your bed? None, the washing machine seems to eat them all! :D
Do you like cheerleaders? Yep, yum! :D
Can you roll your tongue? No.
How many times? n/a.
Can you cross your eyes? yes
Can you cross one eye and keep the other looking completely straight? no
Can you wiggle your ears? No.
Can you throw your voice? No.
Were you named after anyone? No
Have you ever skateboarded? Yeah, I used to enjoy it when I was younger, never kept it up though.
Do you like to play with fire? No.
Are you a redneck? No
How many brushes do you own? A set of paint-brushes that a friend bought me.
Do you like egging houses? No.
Your name spelled backwards: 0002retsdelG
Your age in 10 years: 32
Random lyrics, please: If you find somebody to love in this life/You'd better hang on tooth and nail.
Your perfect day? Generally spent relaxing with friends, maybe wandering around shops or just vegging at home.
Pinch yourself...: No
Do you keep bags for no reason? Plastic bags are always useful!