August 13, 2004

Seeing as I'm behind....Friday Q

I'll do two Friday Q's today. So here's last weeks:

FQ TOPIC: Childhood.

FQ1: Where did you live out your childhood years?

A small village called Cranswick with my Mum, Dad and Brother. A good community area but a dysfunctional family :P

FQ2: As a child, what was your favorite toy, book, television show, and cartoon character?

I think (sad though it may be) my favourtie toy was my Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128k
, favourite books were the Hardy Boys series, favourite TV show, hmmmm I used to like Fully Booked on a Sunday (Kate Havenor *drools*). Favourite cartoon character - Gambit from the X-Men.

FQ3: Charm us with a favorite childhood memory...

I'll always remember taking time out during school playtimes to pretend to be a power ranger. I'd jump off walls and practice moves and repeat the (god-awful) dialogue and everything. I wasn't alone in this however, there was a friend involved too.

FQ PHOTO-OP: Show us a photo of just how adorable you were as a child.

Sure, look in the post above.

When this weeks is posted I'll post it! :D