August 21, 2004

This made me laugh SO hard!!!!!!

Please visit and look at the vote on the right hand side. If it still the "Should gherkins be removed from burgers?" vote, take part then view the results. You'll see that over 1,600 people chose "Unsure" as an answer.

Unsure. Just think about that for a second. On the pressing issue of Should gherkins be removed from burgers? 1,600 people COULDN'T decide. They were perplexed by the question so much that they had to choose the unsure option. That worries me. It worries me because, with such a large number of people, the chance of one of those people being in a very influential position increases. It is highly likely that one of those 1,600 odd people will be in a very influential position in a company, heck they may even become president/prime minister or head of a governmental department. Thus, some day, a large number of people are going to have their lives affected by a person who has trouble deciding whether or not gherkins should be removed from burgers. I'm going to leave you with that thought.

Good Night.