September 24, 2004

Darn it! :P

It's 3:23AM and I'm still awake. That's not unusual for me to be honest but I finished work at 1AM today so I was hoping to be in bed a while ago. The problem was I came home, watched some of CSI:NY and fell asleep. IT was only for 5-10 minutes but that's enough to keep me awake for a while yet.

So I went downstairs and hung my washing out to dry - I'm strange sometimes!

It's been a funny week so far. I was meant to have a driving lesson yesterday but an administrative balls up (at BSM, not my fault) meant that it didn't happen. Grrr. I've got Angel Season 4 on DVD to watch but haven't had time to watch it yet. That's because I spotted someone sharing the first two eps of La Femme Nikita which I'd never seen. I used to LOVE that show. IT used to be on Channel 5 on a Tuesday night, late - about 11:30, somewhere around there. Anyways, even though I had school the next day I'd still stay up and watch it. I was in trouble if I got found out (which happened sometimes) but it didn't stop me from trying! Eventually I got my brother's old video recorder so I could get my sleep and keep up with the adventures of Section 1. Illman, you said you were on the lookout for new TV to watch - I can send you Nikita if you like - you might like it, there are similarities to Alias in many ways. Let me know!

Thanks for your comments all. BabyDragon, it's always good to hear from you, same goes for you too Illman - Despite your good review of the series, I think The Sims is a game that my Hard Disk will never see. Mark Lewins, I read your latest update - good to hear that life is going well for you and that you've found someone to share that life with. That made me smile - your life seems so much brighter now and that's a very good thing.

Anyways, I must go to bed and try to sleep. One thing I need to remember is to book my train tickets when I wake up - I'm going to see Rosie, Matt and Ely soon! I'm SO looking forward to it I can't really put it into words.

Night all.....