September 09, 2004


Darn. This post was meant to go out yesterday but for some reason Blogger didn't post it. So when you're reading it, can you just pretend it's yesterday please? Thanks!

Well, not much to say really. I'm listening to David Berkeley again. I just love his album! Had a pretty relaxing day today. My driving lesson went ok - I can now succesfully reverse round corners, reverse park and bay park too. I still need to practice working with the clutch though, it's amazing the difference a few millimeteres of height make when using the clutch pedal. Got my driving test booked for sometime towards the end of October. Will keep you all updated.

Just had a Dead Like Me afternoon - managed to watch 2 episodes. I love this show, it's so well written and well acted that it can go from a serious, tear-jearker of a plot-line to a humerous one and not miss a beat or feel out of place. It's a great show that I wouldn't be able to see if I didn't have the 'net. That WOULD annoy me. Still, thanks to the 'net I can watch this show in better quality than if it was on my TV in my room - cool or what?!?!?

Have made some pretty cool LJ icons over this past week, well, I think they're cool. Check them out:

1) 2)

I prefer the second one - Sara's grin is SO cute. Darn I must get a life. :P

Oh, thanks to Master-Physicist for commenting and leaving me a link to Ok It's a fun, FREE site that I'm going to put my profile on in a while, probably tomorrow now, work starts in 30 minutes (well, I leave for work in 30 minutes).

So far nothing has come of my registering with and sending 3 e-mails to various ladies. Darn. Still, live and learn (and, hopefully, try again).

Anyways, I need to send an e-mail then get ready for work. Toodle pip!