September 30, 2004


It's strange writing in a blog or LJ at times. There are times this week when I've wanted to update my blogs but haven't because, well, I just haven't. There's a million things I want to get done each day and I can't manage them all. I do realise that I could manage them all if I didn't have to go to work. :P

Anyways, I've got my Dad and Margaret coming up in about 30 minutes to take me out for lunch. Yum! At the moment I'm spending more than I've got coming in from Menzie's, drat. :P It's not my fault if driving lessons are £35 a lesson (that's for 2 hours but still!)

You won't see me around here much next week - I'm off to Bristol on Saturday to see Rosie, Matt and Ely. Anyone who reads my ramblings regularly will know about Rosie and Matt so you can imagine how excited I am to go and see them! The tickets were kind of expensieve but at least I've got my Young Persons railcard, that saves me a third on rail prices. Lord knows what I'd do without one (buy a car probably).

Oh, and my mobile phone is broken. I've only had it 3 months! I had it in my pocket at work, along with some spare change. I did my shift - part way through my shift I used the calculator function on my phone to work out if I had made an error packing the Radio Times (I hadn't). At 2am I'm on my way home only to find out my phone has frozen, even the off button doesn't work! The only way to turn it off was to take the battery out. It's been sent for repair under warrenty and I'll just wait and see what happens.

Hope everyone who reads this is ok!