October 08, 2004


I've finally got my T630 and Windows XP communicating via Bluetooth. All it took was some choice words and about 45 minutes to install XP SP2. I've not got a loverly picture of Rachel Bilson from the O.C. as my background.

I must say that I'm impressed with SP2 so far. I've installed it on two of my housemate's machines (one a P4 2.5Ghz with 512Mb Ram and the other a 1.4Ghz Centrino Acer Laptop) and have had no problems at all. The security alert is rather annoying for an experienced computer user but it is easy enough to turn off. It's also easy enough to configure the firewall to let Bittorrent programs work again. The thing that impressed me most was that on my housemate's laptop the security centre detected that Sophos Anti-Virus was out of date and let me know. How it did it I don't know but if it keeps it up it will make my life easier.

Gak - that's two things I agree Microsoft have done right: The Xbox and SP2. I must be being brainwashed. I'll check my food from now on! LOL