December 10, 2004

Major Update

Beautiful South Gig 'Review'

I'm writing this whilst listening to The Beautiful South's Golddiggas Headnodders & Pholk Songs. I went to see the band live at the Manchester Carling Apollo last night and had the most amazing time I
can't even begin to think of words to describe it. The band played a load of classics from Old Red Eyes, From Under The Covers, Woman In The Wall and Rotterdam, as well as tracks from their covers album. These included You're The One That I Want (from Grease) and Don't Stop Movin' (yes, the S Club 7 song). We were jam packed into the theatre and the crowd was certainly ready for a great night. Lots of bouncing around was done and everyone seemed to have a great night. I knew we were in for a treat when they opened with From Under The Covers. This showed that the band hadn't forgotten their roots and weren't afraid to play old songs. The 'new' female singer, Alison Wheeler, fitted in without a problem and recieved some of the loudest cheers of the night when she launched into Rotterdam and partnered Paul during Ciao!. She easily held her own and she does possess a fantastic voice.

The band played a set straight through then came back for 3(!) encores, which included Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) and a version of Woman In The Wall. The big surprise was when the band decided to kick beach balls into the crowd. People were desperately trying to cling onto these balls and the band looked like they were having such fun doing it. When the band looks to be having fun that suits me. I was having fun anyway, I sang so much, and so loud, that I'm still hoarse now, almost 24 hours later! That suits me.

The best gig I've been to ever.


Nothing really exciting happening. My friends from home have been through quite often this week. I saw them on Monday then went to the gig with them then they came through again today and apparently they are coming through again tomorrow. That makes me a very happy bunny and very grateful that they don't mind coming all this way just to see me.

On a similar note it was good to see my friend Ben last night. I've known him for years and we've kept in touch but when you communicate through texts some things obviously get left out. He's actually had a more exciting couple of years then he had led me to believe. Last night he was pouring out story after story about his times with the TA in foreign climes. I know that the TA isn't for me but I felt slightly jealous. Still, it was good to catch up. Something positive came out
of it too - he said he doesn't mind storing some of my stuff when Mum decides to clear out the loft. He's got his own house in Beech View in Cranswick so that's pretty cool.!


Again, nothing exciting. I'm not pleased with the turn CSI is taking, I'm going to get my tea from my local take-away and watch the latest ep (CSI 5x10) and see how the new format of the show works. I'll post my opinions after work tonight. I've managed to get my housemate Dave watching Joan Of Arcadia which I think is a good thing due to JOA being an amazing show! I'm enjoying the discussions we have about it too.

Right, enough for now, I need food then I'm going to watch CSI.

And Ilovenfc I DO remember the C64 and Spectrum. I've still got a Spectrum 128k in my Mum's loft (or attic, depending on what word you use). Mum wants me to throw it out but if it works I'll try flogging it on ebay! :D