December 16, 2004


Well, what a busy couple of days it's been. Not for me you understand, my life is very rarely busy, but for the United Kingdom.

The Rt. Hon Mr Blair, the British P.M. has had a reshuffle of the cabinet. This was partly inspired by the home secretary resigning, as reported on the BBC news website. I'm in two minds what to think about this. My principals say that of course he should have gone as he can't be trusted. He abused his position of power to engage in a 3-year affair with a married woman, possibly having a baby with her. He also used his position of power to rush an application for a woman to enter the country so she could be a nanny for his mistress. There are other elements to the story of course, no story these days is that black and white. Mr Blunkett is fighting in court for rights to be allowed access to his child. The mistress's husband is shocked about the affair as he knew nothing of it (though with it going on for three years I'm surprised about that!)

The story came out because David Blunkett told his story to his biogropher who, being a writer, couldn't keep his mouth shut and released the story early (as he said in the Time newspaper last week). Now I don't usually do political commentary mainly because I'm no good at it but am writing this post because they replaced David Blunkett with The former education secretary Charles Clarke. Now you know my views on Charles Clark. His 'reforms' have increased teacher's workloads (not decresed it) and his ideas for education just lack substance, seem more spin than change. And now he's the home secretary, in charge of ID cards and many other important agendas.

I'm worried - are you?

I was inspired to write this post after watching Fahrenheit 9/11. Politics may be boring but it rules our lives and, hopefully, I'm going to be taking a more active interest from now on.