December 02, 2004

Well, I'm happy

Episode 2x08 of Joan of Arcadia "Friday Night" contained a song that really hit a cord for me - the Episode Guide lists it as:

"Song played during the final scene is the Jorge Calderon/Jennifer Warnes version of the Warren Zevon song "Keep Me In Your Heart."

Now I know I must have too much money so I bought Enjoy Every Sandwich which has the track on. It's a fantastic song and I've listened to it over and over so far today. Fantastic song, especially if you've lost a loved one recently, it is just so great.

On another note, thanks to Neil's World for the following link:

Band Aid Dilemma. You want to buy the new Band Aid song to support the good cause behind it but you don't actually want to listen to it as the song is a terrible version of a great song. So this site has the answer. Go, now and enjoy.

And here's a rant I had the other day about people and their computer usage:

It's starting to annoy me. What is? I hear you ask. I'll tell you:-

People who don't know how to use their computer. Like these two people on the computer help forum:



It's number two that's bugging me the most. Not only has he/she done something silly tlo their machine by updating the firmware of their CD-Writer (the actual software INSIDE the cd-writer that tells it the very basics of how to run, knacker that and you're screwed) but they've then posted a message onto the forum that's 3 sentences long and from that us friendly 'experts' are supposed to be able to fix their machine! Grrr. I've also read posts from people who really don't know what they are doing, don't know how to use computer terminology and who just really shouldn't be using a computer. It just bugs me.

Now I'll admit I'm a computer snob, I've been using computers ever since the ZX Spectrum 128k and the Commodore 64 (anyone on my f-list remember them?) Then I got a basic PC in 1992, which ran in Dos 5 and I've never looked back. I've learnt the terminology because I wanted to and also because I want to understand the thing I'm spending so much time on. I honestly cannot understand the mindset of people who spend hundereds of ££££ or $$$$$ on a PC without knowing what they are spending their money on. Who do things like update their firmware because they can. Not because they need to, just because they can.

Please, for the love of God and the sanity of IT techs everywhere, can people please put some effort into learning how PCs work before buying and trying to use one? It's not hard, not complicated and it really doesn't take much time. That way you'll understand about software, about viruses, about spyware and which programs you really SHOULDN'T be downloading and so on. You'll make the world a much better place. I mean just think about it? Is there any other purchase that you'd make that costs the same amount as a PC without knowing anything about it? I can't think of anything. Yet people shell out loads of money on PCs because they think they need one or they want to write letters. Grrrrrrrr it gets right on my wick. Then they say problems 'just happened' and it's the IT Supports fault for not being able to fix it. No, it really isn't. Get a clue and learn to use your computer.

End of rant.

Ironically, it was a good shift at work, I even had fun.

Right, I'm going to jump back on Deus Ex 2 on my Xbox. It's not as good as the first one but still damn good!