January 18, 2005

Grrrrr - RANT!!!! Bloody Housmates

Okay, I wrote this after coming in from work in the early hours of this morning.
It's for the housemate I don't see during the week as he works days and I work evenings/nights. It was prompted because, despite REAPEATED reminders, he has once again borrowed my modem and left it in his room so I couldn't go on the 'net when I came home. It's the 10th or so time he's done this and it's getting annoying.

Also for the umpteenth time, he created a load of washing up (dishes etc.) on Saturday night then went out all day Sunday (and I mean all day, 10am until 10:30 pm it was) and didn't do it. Then he works on Monday so if I hadn't've done it it would have stayed there. It was nearly every plate in the house! I had to do it as I needed to eat. His defence is that he doesn't 'expect' me to do it. Well, if he doesn't, and there aren't any clean plates or cutelry, who else is going to?

Damn he is REALLY selfish sometimes. I mean, I know I'm not easy to live with, being a nag and all but surely the below is all common sense and sharing like isn't it? Have I gone over the top? I'd love your opinions.

God I'm glad I'm leaving him behind in July (or before!) Someone else can deal with him because I've had enough.


I know this is going to end your day in a bad way but I feel I've got to say some things. I think these all, in a little way, relate to you being selfish and if you were a little more selfless, this poster wouldn't exist.

  • Where's my modem? For the umpteenth time you've borrowed it and kept it in your room instead of bringing it back upstairs for when I came home. I had an IM session scheduled for after work with some friends of mine but couldn't do it because you 'forgot' (as is so often your excuse) to bring it back upstairs. Thanks for nothing.

  • DON'T LEAVE YOUR BEDROOM HEATER ON! I know I just shouted that, and you're going to complain, but there is no sense at all in your room being warm whilst you are NOT in it. It's a HUGE waste of money (those heaters use up more electricity than you think, switch it on then watch the meter in the cupboard outside Dave's room). Please switch it off before you leave for work, otherwise I'll take the fuse out of the plug, we are paying £520 a year for gas and electric (£10 a week) and this needs to be brought down.

  • Lastly, can you start paying bills please? I'll put a new one up today as a reminder (though I'm sure you don't forget - it's on the fridge for crying out loud). You know I dislike repeatedly asking for money but if you want to do things like use the internet (and then keep my modem FFS) then you need to pay. I'm not a bank - why should there be a £40 hole in my bank account because you don't pay your fair share? There shouldn't be and you know it. You last paid me £20 at Christmas, 18 days ago. I don't think 18 days is soon (as you said it would be).

Sorry for the bad end to your day but it balances out the bad end to mine when I couldn't hold my IM chats. I've had to leave a note as I don't see you do I? And you don't listen to Dave.

Yours upset,


P.S. I know you are generous, you offer to record Cracker for me for example, and you are a nice guy BUT the above is immensely annoying, selfish and just damn right rude, especially the modem thing. Not only is it NOT your modem (technically it's Adam's but he's using the BT one which I class as mine so it's mine) but you haven't paid the last bill so by rights you shouldn't even be using the 'net. Where else can you use something without paying for it? Nowhere I know!

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