January 15, 2005

I forgot! Radio Aid

This is thanks to Blog-Clicker (mentioned below) which took me to VariBlog where I was reminded about:

UK Radio Aid

"Monday 17th January sees the most extraordinary day ever in radio. Commercial radio is coming together to broadcast UK Radio Aid - a day of very special guests, presenters and activity to raise money for the Tsunami appeal. You'll never hear anything like it again. Let's come together and help them build their future."

Now I listen to 35 hours of commercial radio a week, and a few hours of Radio 2 when I'm at home, and this sounds like a great idea to me. There's special guests a-plenty (as the website will show) so boredom won't be a factor, and it should raise loads of money for the Tsunami victims. I'll be listening and donating, maybe you should too? You can listen via your local commercial station or by the website itself (there's also going to be unique MP3 downloads and a Live Video feed from the studio). So Monday 17th January 2005 is UK Radio Aid. Don't forget!