January 09, 2005

"The Phantom of the Opera..."

The Phantom of the Opera is amazing. I've never seen anything done by Andrew Llyod Webber on stage so this was going to have to do. It just took my breath away. Very impressive considering it was directed by Joel Schumacher who, not only is he 65 but he's spent a good proportion of his film career directing action films so I was impressed that he handled this film with such creativity and finesse. Oh and Emmy Rossum is gorgeous! :P:

Image pilfered from Emmy-Rossum.net

Haven't watched CSI or WaT or JOA or Alias yet, I think that's what I'm going to do today, Alias first!


My friends from back home came through last night and ask me to join them after I'd been to the cinema. I did and we had a few drinks and quite a few laughs and I think I've definately decided I'm going round Europe as long as money holds out.

Oh, and I may have sorted out somewhere to live next year. That made yesterday more fun.


Thanks muchly to Rosanna and more so to Amy Flemming for leaving comments. Both brightened my day, Amy's especially so! Cheers!

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