January 07, 2005


Nothing much to say really. Well, some stuff to say but not much interesting! I just want to give some *hugs* to , I'm here if you need me.

I'm off to see National Tresure today, should be fun, especially if I get in for free again thanks to being a member of York Hospital Radio! I got in for free to see Blade Trinity last week with my friend Ian (who came through to see me, we had a great day!) I'm glad we got in for free to see it as I wouldn't've paid for it! I was not impressed with the third Blade film, it was a mess.

Oh, squeeeeeeee! Alias Season 4!!!!!!! Not going to get time to watch it today though but that's what the weekend is for!

And new eps of CSI and WaT. Oh life is good. Not so good is the fact that few people are replying to my Match.com or Okcupid.com e-mails. Ah well, someone will eventually!

Take care all, I'll be back soon but now I need to get dressed!

Oh, Amy Lena, it was great to chat to you. Hope to chat again soon, when you've got pics of your tattoo of course! :D