February 05, 2005


I love it when this blog becomes interactive. Blogger blogs are by the nature less interactive than LJ's as my blog post doesn't automatically appear on people's 'friends' lists, you, the reader, have to put more effort in to read my posts. However, I do have the ATOM FEED set up which you can probably put in your RSS reader (I know it works in Bloglines). Still, I'm glad that people make the effort.

Dave 2:: Thanks for your comments and keep them coming. I enjoyed reading about when you had a teddy at hoime. Although I'm sorry I didn't get to do the Friday Q this week.

Jess: I'd write more on the Dark Tower series but I don't want to ruin it for anyone who still might want to read it. Despite the fact that I think the series as a whoile is easily the best thing I've ever read.

Bonnie: As you found out over IM I agree with you! Sara did need what she got in CSI (I'm trying to avoid spoilers here). SPOLERS HERE - HIGHLIGHT:However, having come from an extremely crappy childhood myself, and having only been able to let go and tell people after I came to Uni (and in my third year of Uni at that) I can understand and empathise with her.

Cheers all and keep the comments coming!