February 20, 2005

Coments reply

Bonnie: Sorry for not replying to any of your comments before now, that was rude of me. I'm glad to know that I help you pass your time at work! :D It was a hard e-mail to read (and Margaret has sent another one!) But I'm doing ok. I might not be later this week (they come back from Spain tomorrow) so I'll let you know. And as for your present, chocolate may be involved, but there's other stuff too! Hey, don't complain about the Honda Civic. I've googled it and it looks like a pretty smart car! And as for my freedom, well, I looked out the window this morning and saw:

My Ford Fiesta in the Snow

Now being the in-experienced driver I am I don't want to risk driving on cold, snowy roads if I don't HAVE to. It scares me. I'm sorry you have to say goodbye to your baby, the Explorer. Take a photo of it for keeps!

Mike Silver: I'm just hoping they sell the same Valentines card next year! I look forward to sending that to someone to see their reaction.

Fist: That's a very good point. But then, it would make a change from all the stock he's probably seen already.

Thanks for your comments, that's what keeps this blog alive! :D

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