February 16, 2005

Darn I'm lazy

I haven't updated in a while for which I apologise. I keep meaning to but life keeps getting away from me. So without further ado:-

Real Life
1) Am really enjoying chatting to Kat. We seem to get on well and she sent me a valentine! :D My first one for, well, a while. :P

2) Amy sent me a music CD with The Clash, Green Day, Rancid and The Ramones on it. Not too bad really! She thought I'd be put off by Like a Rat Does Cheese/Dominated Love Slave but I think they are the most enjoyable songs on the CD. I'd also heard Blitzkrieg Bop as the The Beautiful South did a cover of it on their last album. Both are very different in style though and despite repeated listening I can't work out which one I prefer.

3) I'm getting a car on Saturday/Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Great Uncle Alwyn's giving me his 1993 K'reg Ford Fiesta Freestyle. I sorted the insurance out today and tomorrow I'll walk into town and sort out a parking permit. This is SO cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

4) I've actually sold some of my videos on ebay. Interestingly there was a small bidding war for my Only Fools and Horses video. Still didn't get very high though.

5) I've got further on Alias on the Xbox. It's hard though, I need to spend more time practicing but I don't really have too much time to spend on it.

6) Had some really crappy news about my Dad and my nearly-step-Mum on Saturday. This completely spun me for a loop and I've got one thing to say to Kat, Amy, Lisa, Natasha and Bonnie:


It was much appreciated.

Now I need to eat something and get ready for work.

Oh and Bonnie, your birthday parcel is ready to be posted, it's sitting on my floor as I was dis-organised today and the post office is now shut. It's going to be posted first thing tomorrow. I think you're going to enjoy it! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D