February 27, 2005

"It's My Life...." <----- Name the band


I haven't updated in a while and since my housemate Simon is watching DVDs downstairs on the big TV and stopping me from playing Xbox on it (which is fair enough I suppose, I played my Xbox for 3 hours yesterday) I thought I would.

Before I forget I want to say hello to Lauren who left me a comment on the 24th Feb that I'd overlooked! Make yourself welcome and by all means join in the conversation. Incidentally, Lauren seems to have a little willpower problem with regards to Ebay. But then don't we all? I've bought a Xbox DVD Playback kit from there today that I don't really need but do want out of convinience (sp?).

Anyway - what about my life can I share today? Hmmm:


Gummy is doing just fine! I'm actually wondering about what kind of oil to buy for him (I've decided Gummy is a he). I just rang my brother to ask his advice but as is always the way when you really want to speak to someone, he's out!

Went to work in Gummy on Friday and Asda today, no real incidents to support and no more police encounters! Phew!

Friends and more?

Had a VERY enjoyable conversation with Kat last night - she turned me into a blathering idiot though by doing something that I did not expect in a million years! I'm usually calm under pressure but she threw me. :) The funniest thing was, we were chatting over MSN when, on impulse, I rang her. So there we sat, on MSN on webcam with telephones glued to our ears. We're both daft. LOL I 'threw' a bucket of drool over her. :)

I've got back in touch with some old friends (or am trying to). Schmunkee got back in touch after I sent an e-mail a little while ago :P. It'll be good to find out what she's been up to.

Also, I randomly sent a text to a friend from Uni the other day to see what she was up to. She texted me back with her e-mail address so I sent a long e-mail updating her. :) It'll be good to hear from Charlotte again.

TV Entertainment

Without A Trace was superb this week! I won't post any spoilers only that I really enjoyed it and felt for one of the characters at the end of the ep. The case was kind of simple for a team of their talents but I'm not going to complain too loud!

Alias this week was also good and it would seem I'm not the only one who thinks so. It even had a good old-fashioned cliffhanger! Now I'm counting down until I get to see the next episode.

I haven't watched CSI for a little while, I'm kind of losing interest in the show. I'll get round to it at somepoint but I'm enjoying X-Files Season 6 more and so am devoting my time to that instead.

Books Entertainment

I started this year really well book-wise. I read Jo Brand's "Sorting Out Billy", Alex Garland's "Coma" and Stephen King's Dark Tower part VII in January. Since early Feb though the urge to read has departed for a little while, whereabouts currently unknown! :P I'm sure it'll come back to me.

Oh, and avoid Jo Brand's novel - it's pure crap.

Right, that's it for now, I'm going to see if Kat's on MSN. :D