February 05, 2005

Joan of Arcadia 2x14

Warning, there are SPOILERS below so either close your eyes or scroll past this quickly! :D

Wow that was crap. I love JOA (and I love Amber Tamblyn but that's by the by) but that episode was just dull. There was some amusement to be found, Friedman and Luke were still funny and geeky but that was about it. Hilary Duff was annoying and bland, I actually paused the show, turned to my housemate and predicted how the ep would continue and I was pretty much spot on. The ending with Joan and Dillan (that's a BOYS name BTW) had so many elements of Dawson's Creek in it that I wanted to vomit.

And Adam's glasses were awful.

Meh, the first JOA ep I didn't enjoy.