February 10, 2005

The perils of internet dating

Spotted thanks to The Blog Monkey who was pointed out to me (and whoever else reads her blog) by the bubbly Miss Sassafras:

A married couple in Jordan who had seperated and were living apart, both joined an online dating agency and ended up finding each other. They got on so well they agreed to get married.

The day they met....well......It wasn't all hugs and kisses

Read the story at iafrica.com

Computing Stuff

Well, the 512Mb RAM I bought off Ebay turned up today. So now I've got the 120Gb hard disk Dad bought me for Christmas, 512Mb Ram and this existing Duron machine. All I need now is a copy of Windows XP and a free weekend I can get on with putting it all in and sorting this puppy out!

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