February 17, 2005

Site Statistics fun

Every so often I go through the site logs for this site that I have thanks to Sitemeter. It's not too exciting, I get around 20 visitors a day to this thing but now and then something crops up that catches my eye. For example someone had The 24/8/03 entry of my blog translated into Japanese using the Google Language tool. I'm curious as to why (well, I know why, Sitemeter tells me they were in Japan, I'm just wondering what they were looking for.

Also, people keep zoning in on this picture of Jorja Fox from Google's Image Search thingy:

There was someone who I'm presuming was a student because they came to me from Yahoo search with the words "An Exciting Moment In My Life Essay". That's actually an interesting idea and I'll mentally bookmark that and write a post about it later.

Someone visited me through the coments link from Nik.co.uk (it's in my Blogroll on the right there). Cheers whoever that was.

Also, in an ego-boosting event someone actually searched for this blog at yahoo.com.

That's about it really, I'll do another one when I've got more interesting stuff to say.