February 28, 2005

Thanks for your comments!

Cheers for your comments everyone.

Babydragon: In repy to your comment on my being pulled over by the police post no I'm not in trouble. And yes, the officer really did seem to enjoy making me squirm before he told me what was going on.

And thanks for the comments regarding me and Kat. :D Much appreciated.

Dave2: You're close - I was actually thinking of Bon Jovi with a song from their "Crush" album called "It's My Life" :). I have old skool (sp :P) tastes, just not the same as yours it would seem.

From now on I'm going to reply to comments in the comments box - I think it'll make life easier to keep track of. It's just occoured to me that you guys could use the RSS feed for my comments that I use so if you want to you're more than welcome.

If you're one of the 20six.co.uk people who reads this it IS possible to subscribe to RSS feeds using the 20six interface - 20six will send you an e-mail when that RSS feed is updated. I just can't remember how to do it! It's under "Subscriptions" somewhere. I'm tempted to set up another 20six account just to have a play.

So yeah, from now on - I'll reply in the comment boxes and you can check back or use the RSS feed for my comments!

If that's going to be inconvinient then, LOL, leave me a comment!