February 23, 2005

Who says my life is boring?

I'd like to start by saying thank you for your comments and in reply I say thus:

Babydragon: How and why I'm about to tell you, so please read below!

Dave 2: Whilst I appreciate an active imagination, I'm going to reply to your ideas one by one:

1) "The police finally found out about the meth lab in your basement."

Thank goodnes no, I depend on that business to enable me me to by and purchase the essentials in life.


Nope, haven't been caught for that yet! *shifty eyes* *cough* If anyone asks we never talked ok? *cough*

3) They needed help solving a big case, and you were the man for the job.

Now, whilst that may be true, it wasn't what happened. They SHOULD ask me though - I'd ROCK!

Bonnie: By all means read below:

Anyway, my tale:

For a little while today the weather picked up so, itching to do so as I was, I decided to take Gummy for a spin. Not really liking the idea of driving around aimlessly I fixed upon a destiation - Tesco. We needed some odds and sodds and my housemate was heading to Uni which is on the way so it was decided and off we went. Nothing really eventful happened on the drive to Uni, it was all pretty smooth sailing.

So, in good cheer I headed off from Uni to Tesco. On the way I had to go round a HUGE roundabout just outside Clifton. Parked on the verge at one edge of the roundabout was a police car. Thinking nothing of it I go round the roundabout as normal and head off towards the supermarket. Three minutes later however, this same police car was following me and, noticing the fact that I wasn't slowing down (I thought he wanted to get past) flashed his blue lights and pulled me over.

I was pulled over by the police.

After only driving my car twice I was being pulled over by a policeman.

I'm not lying when I say that I was petrified.

The policeman gets out of his car and comes over to my driver's side window. I wind the window down and he very cheerily says "Good afternoon." As if everything is all right with the world. He asks me if this is my vehicle "No officer, I saw the door open when the car was parked in my street so I pinced it" I don't reply. Anyway, he asks to see my documents, which I produce from the glove compartment of my car then asks me to leave my car and go sit in the passanger seat of his. As I'm getting myself sorted he takes the tax discs out of their holders on the windscreen, shuts the passanger side door and walks back to his car. Now ideas and possibilites are running through my head. I know that I'm not the most confident driver in the world, and that sometimes I do creep over the speed limit so I'm thinking I'm getting done for erratic driving or something. Or speeding, that would REALLY suck.

Anyway, sitting in the policeman's car I must have been trembling or something as he asks me if everything is ok. Well, apart from the fact that that's a silly question (I'm in a POLICE car for crying out loud!) I was fine. Everything he does he does with a similar sort of slowness to my mother when she is trying to make a point. He asks for my details, point after point "First name?" Slowly writes it down, "Middle names if any?" Again with the writing "Surname?" By this point I'm screaming in my head "JUST TELL ME WHY I'VE BEEN PULLED OVER!!!!!!!" However, I keep quiet and just hand him my driving license when he asks.

Eventually he finishes with the form, clips the pen to the top of the clipboard and says "Let me tell you why I pulled you over." I'm thinking "FINALLY!" By this point so many theories have zoomed through my head that I'm convinced he's arresting me for murder! "As I was parked at the roundabout back there I was doing car checks and it came up saying your car wasn't taxed. However, the tax disc I'm holding clearly says that it is."

The sigh of relief that came out of me must've been huge, it must have been! The officer laughs a little then runs through reasons why it might have happened, all ending with "Contact the DVLA, enclose a photocopy/scan of the tax disc and take it from there."

By the time I'm back in my car I'm shaking a little but I manage to hold it together. The officer stays behind me until I pull away (I'm sure he was waiting to see if I pulled away without checking my mirrors or indicating or something and I head off to Tescos with a million DIFFERENT ways that that enounter could've played out.

Then I got to Tescos and screwed up my parking. But that's a different story!