February 10, 2005

Yay - I've sold stuff on Ebay

I've sold some cool stuff on ebay. So today I've got to post:-

Black Dahlia - a rather cool PC CD-ROM game on 8CDs. Uses a lot of Full Motion Video, you know the kind of game I'm talking about. Dennis Hopper is in this one though, I think he was short of cash at the time.

Toonstruck - Another PC CD-ROM game. Miles better than Black Dahlia though as not only does this one feature Christopher Lloyd (from the Back to the Future films) but he's been filmed then they've placed his character over come cartoon backgrounds. I'd actually just started playing it again, ah well, thems the breaks.

CSI - Another PC game, this time you take the part of a forensic scientist under the guidance of Grissom and the rest of the team. The actors all lent their vocal talents to the part, so it makes the game that bit better.

Despite that success none of my videos are going. :( I'll either put an add in the Yorkshire Ad Trader or take them to a charity shop.

Amy - I'm really looking forward to that CD you're making for me!