March 16, 2005

All about Kat

A blog without posts is akin to a chocolate sponge pudding without chocolate absolutely bloody usesless. So in an effort to stop this blog becoming useless, and to put off writing my teaching CV for a little while longer, I'm going to write some blog posts on seperate topics, just because I can.


The most important thing that comes to mind. ;) Readers who are following this bloke (and there's at least one of you, I know that for a fact) will know that shortly after moving into this house last July I started to despair about being single. I then realised that, despite what my friends from back home told me, being single wasn't akin to having leprocey or anything like that, and I became quite settled in my ways. I signed up for and OK Cupid on a whim, enjoying the time-wasting tests more than anything. When I happened across Kat's profile on OK Cupid I took a breath and e-mailed her. Why not? What did I have to lose? (An attitutde I'm going to try and develop more throughout my life)

As it happenes she didn't reply to my e-mail. I left it for a while (about a week I think) then, being the obsessive stalker that I am ;-) I sent her another e-mail as a kind of 'last ditch attempt' thing. And she DID reply to that one. :) We e-mailed then got chatting on MSN ('cause Kat is hardly ever on MSN :P) and life just progressed from there.

So, fast forward just under two months and we're meeting. The place: Harrogate Starbucks (netural and public place in case I'm an internet freak who kidnaps attractive young lasses). The time: 2pm Sunday 13th March. I get there on time and, slightly nervous (and that's an understatement) wait for Kat and her Mum to turn up (yes, that's right, I met her Mum too). We all chatted in Starbucks, I paid for the hideously expensive drinks and food (I am a gentleman see) and just enjoyed ourselves. Some of Kat's friends turned up later and we spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Harrogate, getting to know each other.

The afternoon pretty much ended when Lyndsey (one of Kat's friends, the other being a bloke nicknamed Broomy) received a text from her brother saying that he was locked out of the house and could she please get home and let him in. So I played the part of taxi driver and escorted Lyndsey and Kat back to their humble (or not so humble in this case ;) ) abodes.

Yes, there were kisses. ;)

At this point I'd like to point out some facts I learnt from that Sunday:

1) Kat is a fantastically wonderful girl
2) Harrogate is a very posh place to live I like it but felt slightly out of place
3) Kat's Mum like's me
4) I still like Judge Dredd comics