March 19, 2005

Budget 2005 gripe

I heard this on the radio the other night and was meant to post about it then but forgot. Anyway I've download the 2005 Budget report from the BBC website to check if the news report I heard was true. IT was.

Skim through the budget PDF file to page 14 of 304 and you'll find this nugget:

"free off-peak local area bus travel for all people over the age of 60 and disabled people in England from April 2006;"

Free off-peak bus travel. Yeah, that's great that is. Like pensioners need to travel about after dark? Like they go pick up their pension after dark? Like they do their shopping after 5pm? Plus, it's not exactly a wise idea to encourage pensioners to be out in the evenings when the muggers and what not are about is it?

Why not just plain old, free ALL DAY bus travel?

Grr, it still bugs me. It's one of those budget phrases that sounds good but in reality is useless.