March 10, 2005

The good and the bad (there is no ugly)

Good points and bad points

Wow this week has been one of extremes so far. I've had some very good points and some very bad points.

Good point

Yesterday I found out that my brother and his current girlfriend Emma are expecting a baby.

Bad point

Emma is a control freak who no-one in our family actually likes. She has, on repeated occasions, made my brother's life a misery by ordering him around like a kid and telling him off despite the fact that he's 29.

Oh, and she swears like my superviser at work when she gets the chance. I'm worried about how this kid is going to turn out.

Good point

BT are going to upgrade my connection speed to 2 meg.

Bad point (un-related)

My friend Julie's Dad died of cancer in the early hours of Monday morning. I found out at 5:15pm yesterday when my friend rang me. :( Julie lost her mother a couple of years ago and no she's lost her father too. Thankfully she's got a great fiancee who's going to take care of her but still....

Good point

I'm hopefully going to see Kat on Saturday

Bad point

Julie's Dad's funeral is on Friday at 2pm. Now many people can go to a funeral then afterwards shake the emotion off. I'll try but I'm not usually too good at that.

That's it for now.