March 22, 2005

Putting things off

I hate it when I put things off but it is a habit I can't seem to break.

At the moment I'm putting off:

1) Writing an e-mail to some school teacher's I haven't seen/e-mailed since December 2003. I need a reference to support my application for Supply Teaching and I'm kinda out of options. The poeple themselves are great but if i were them and an e-mail turned up over a year later asking for a favour I'd be a bit peeved. So whilst I need the reference, I'm putting off writing the e-mail.

2) Ringing my mother. She's on holiday from work this week and wants to come and see me. However, I haven't told her about Kat yet (she'll make me feel REALLY small - patronising is something my mother is good at) and I'm waiting to hear back from Kat to see if I can go through and see her this week. I don't want to double book myself.

3) Going to Nettos. This one's easy, I can't be bothered! :P